Silver Economy Summit

The Second Silver Economy Summit : May 23 - 24th, 2013

World Trade & Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcome to the 2013 Silver Economy Summit.
Nova Scotia is proud to bring together business and community leaders, academics and the public sector to discuss ways to address the challenges and opportunities of our aging population. 
This demographic shift will have implications for the economy, our workforce and government services and programs. Aging also presents us with an opportunity to grow a competitive economy and flexible workforce that meets the needs of seniors and their families.
Those who were engaged in the first Silver Economy Summit in 2010 said the forum was a valuable place to discuss society’s issues relating to aging. They also called for another chance to discuss these concerns and opportunities in deeper detail.
This year, we’re challenging the way we think about aging. The summit will highlight ways to help seniors stay in their homes and communities longer while harnessing the skills of older workers in a new economy. We will also examine lifelong learning, civic engagement and how diverse populations use collaborative approaches to meet the needs of an aging population.
The Silver Economy Summit will be an inspirational event that strengthens our communities and helps make life better for seniors and their families.
The Silver Economy Summit is hosted by the Province of Nova Scotia.