About the Summit

An aging population will have far-reaching implications, in Nova Scotia, and around the world.
  • By 2050 it is projected that 25% of the population in every region in the world, except for Africa, will be aged 60 or more.  
  • In Canada 16.1% of the population is 65 years and older.
  • Nova Scotia has the second highest percentage of seniors (65+) in Canada at 18.9%.
  • In Nova Scotia, approximately 1000 people turn 65 every month.
To continue the conversation about how best to leverage the opportunities of this demographic shift, the Department of Seniors and the Town of New Glasgow will host the third Silver Economy Summit.
The “silver economy” is the notion that an aging population is increasingly driving the production of goods and services worldwide.  In Canada, and in countries across the globe, government, businesses, and all sectors, are faced with the challenge of adapting their services and products for an aging population.
The silver economy is about understanding the needs, and interests, of this demographic and changing to meet them. To thrive in the silver economy we must be proactive, innovative and responsive.  If we are innovative and forward thinking – we can seize the opportunities!
The Summit will inspire you to think about ways to adapt your organization to be responsive to the aging population. If you work in the public, academic, business, education, or not-for-profit sector, or if you are an older adult or senior, an employer, or a student…this conference is for you!
The status quo is changing . . . are you ready?
Summit discussion topics will include:
Business & Economic Growth Opportunities:
  • Adapting and creating services to accommodate an aging population;
  • Marketing and product development;
  • A global view of the trends and early indications that business and community leaders can use to prepare for success in a Silver Economy;
  • Social Enterprise, entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Recruitment strategies for an inclusive and intergenerational workforce
  • Flexibility, training, mentorship, succession planning - ways to support and retain an effective workforce
  • Tapping into the wealth of knowledge of seniors in the workforce and volunteer organizations
Tourism, Travel and Leisure:
  • Trends in seniors’ tourism and leisure activities
  • Innovative ideas for tapping into the seniors market in the travel industry
  • Age-friendly municipal planning, and how age-friendly communities can equate with family-friendly, youth-friendly communities that offer active living and high levels of social engagement
  • Trends, and innovative practices
  • Current research on the roles urban planning can play to help our communities adapt to an aging society. Showcase practical solutions emerging of intergenerational and inclusive – age friendly housing
Who will benefit by attending the Silver Economy Summit?
  • Business owners and Human Resource managers
  • Community group and Non-profit organization leaders
  • Industry leaders
  • Program and policy developers from all levels of government
  • Academic researchers and students
  • Interested citizens